Customer Support & Community

Over ten years experience in Customer Support, Community Policy, and Community Moderation at Kickstarter, Pinterest, flickr, and Yahoo

I specialize in the following services, but if you need something else, let’s chat.

Customer Support

  • FAQ and support tools review:  Well-organized help tools keep users happy and shows them that customer service is important to your company. I will create a solution that fits your needs and scales as you grow. 
  • Customer Support Mentoring: This is a great choice for teams that are new to support. Guidance and course correction on the road to world class support. If you often ask ‘How does AirBNB/Etsy/etc. handle this problem?’ This is for you.

Community Policy

If you’re building an online community or even just a forum, a set of rules will help you shape the experience, interactions, and save time in moderating it.

  • Community Guidelines and Policy: After listening to what kind of community you want to build, we’ll infuse those ideas into Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and other documents to build a healthy community.
  • Enforcement Guidelines: Working with community members when people break the rules is inherently a sea of one-offs and special cases. Dealing with them is time consuming and complicated without a good framework to reference. Good enforcement guidelines will reduce the handle time on cases tenfold. I’ve worked with some of the biggest online communities around and can I can work with your Trust & Safety/Abuse/Moderation team to build out this framework.