Hello! I’m a Nevadan who loves people and technology and turned those interests into careers in Customer Support, Web Development, and Community Management. I’ve have been part of building great user experiences at the Brooklyn MuseumKickstarter, Pinterest, and flickr

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, just say hi@zack.io

Highlight: Web Development projects


fantastic and timely communicator, easy to understand (good at explaining web stuff in a way I could make sense of it) and even wrote me a very useful user guide for our WordPress site...I would recommend Zack to anyone looking for help building or fixing their website.

~ Ashley J.

Zack was quick, professional and a pleasure to work with. He ramped up quickly on the project and was a great team member, always available with a good attitude and ready to work through issues that arose.

~ Doug Kanter

Zack updated the site design, made it mobile ready, and added added security best practices. He was fast and a pleasure to work with.

~ Michael Clay Construction