My favorite 2 days of the holiday break were the 2 at the end. I wanted to get away from everything to do some reading, writing, and thinking. My Grandparents have a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere. Like really in the middle of nowhere. It’s in Nevada, 20 minutes off the highway, into a valley, and then into a box canyon that has about 10 houses. It’s peaceful and has everything you could need to get away and be comfortable. (even satellite TV for a Dr. Who break).

It was great and I got lots done. But I kept thinking it wasn’t the distance from the world or the beauty of the place that made it a great work space. It was just the decision to ignore everything else. Not turn on the TV, not look at the Net (no connection out there, not even cell phones), not think about work or look at my email or Flickr.

So that is my goal this weekend, to work in that space. I don’t have to go far from civilization or have a beautiful spacious house, I’ll just make the space myself.

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