Jazz & Liquor


Tonight I am sitting on my floor reading some old draft posts, making mixed drinks and listening to Jazz. Coltrane’s Naima is one of my favorite songs. The notes stick with my like scenes in The Razors Edge. After listening to Naima I wanted more Jazz so I went to iPod > Music > Genres > Jazz and let it play.

Reading the posts, editing some and trying to figure out my working style.

They aren’t good enough to post yet. But close. Im realizing i cant be a perfectionist and I’m going to produce a lot of crap for a while. As noted by Ira Glass. I have been holding ideas in my head and not getting them out there because I can’t express them good enough.

But holding them back ensures I will never get them out.

Accepting some crap for a while is progress.

I’m trying writing them and editing them later to get major kinks out.

The process is a work in progress like the words.

As long as the desire is constant.

I’ll see you in a week or less.

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