Cousin Fred helps a kid get to the Prom

I have to get this story out there before I forget the details.



My cousin Fred (above) has been trying to sell his truck. A few weeks into trying to sell it he gets hit at an intersection in Reno. Nobody is hurt or anything. A young kid gets out of the car. He’s on the way to his brother’s house to pick up his tux for prom that night. His parents show up, they are screaming at him, “I can’t believe you did this, you just got off probation!” He’s begging Fred not to call the cops, he has no insurance. Fred says, I’m sorry man I gotta call the cops you got no insurance.”

The cops come and do their thing. The whole time the parents are yelling at the kid. The kid is freaking out, “What am I gonna do now”. They don’t have another car and the prom is ruined for him.

Finally Fred interrupts them yelling at each other, “Hey! Look, I got a little old beat up Tercel at home. If you want it for the night it’s yours.”

“Really?” the kid says.

“Really?” the Dad says.


A little later the kid rides his bike up to Fred’s house and the Dad drives up. While Fred is showing them the car the Dad says, “Wait, do you even know how to drive stick?” Nope.

So Fred takes him to the parking lot of the grocery store 2 blocks away for a lesson. There’s 2 Postman on a break. They see them going in circles in the lot. Stalling and, KCHun-KchunGing the whole time. They take off probably figuring they don’t want to get hit.

20 minutes later they are back at the house.

Fred’s giving him the car. “Ok, here’s the license, registration, don’t get pulled over”

“Don’t worry I won’t get pulled over. Umm by the way, do I have to bring it back tonight?”

“Yea you gotta bring it back tonight! What, you think you’re going to get lucky?”

“Well, I’m kinda hoping.”

“Ok, i tell you what. If you get lucky, you bring it back tomorrow. If not, you bring it back tonight!”

“Ok no problem.” And the kid is off.

About midnight Fred gets a call. It’s the kid. “Hey man, you remember that shakey shakey thing (if you ever tried to learn stick, you know what this is) well the cops saw me doing that on Virginia Street and they think I’m drunk and stole it. By the way man, I forgot, what’s your name?”

Needless to say, the cops don’t believe his story.

“…do I have to bring it back tonight?”

The cops finally called Fred, verified him as the owner, and the kid was on his way. Next morning the kid shows up.

“Hey man, I got lucky.”

[Much rejoicing]

So the kid thanks Fred. Takes a white sheet he had brought for the back seat which is all fucked up. Puts it on his back, and rides his bike home.

No shit.

5 thoughts on “Cousin Fred helps a kid get to the Prom”

  1. Fred is money. Something tells me that kid has had that kind of luck his whole life, and hitting Fred might have been the luckiest thing that could have happened to him this year. I guessing he doesn’t get it very often.

    Good for you, kid. Good for you.

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