Toughness, steeliness, and hard work


I just got back from Shooting the West photography symposium. There were lots of things that really struck me at it. First was hearing all these people talk about their photos, the process of making them, and why they shoot what they do. That was wonderful because, working in support at Flickr I spend a lot of time thinking about what people do after they take the pictures, but don’t get as many opportunities to think about the taking of the photos. And when I do take my own pics, I might partly be thinking about the fun stuff I might do with them. Geotag, HDR, online editing, tagging, etc. To be in a room full of people, all that just love the images, and more than that; that all are there to celebrate this common way of love and place was very special and different. It was a good exercise in getting out of my own head.

In appreciation of the life reflected in the images. I wanted to link to this episode of “This I believe.” She reminds me of my Grandpa Buckie who is a western man. And the values that I saw in the words and images from this weekend, I know from him and my Dad.