Customer Support & Zendesk Consulting

With over fifteen years in Customer Support I’ve done pretty much every job there is. I’ve used that experience to help Kickstarter, Pinterest, flickr, and Yahoo solve expensive problems like reducing support tickets, reducing customer friction, and dealing with scale. 

I now consult and specialize in the following services, but if you need something else, let’s chat.

Zendesk setup

Get the most out of your help center with well organized content, useful automatic emails, and data for the product team. I’ve lead efforts to revamp the help center of every company mentioned above when the companies were scaling up. Each time it resulted in higher customer satisfaction and lower customer contacts.

Customer Support Mentoring

This is a great choice for teams that are new to support. Guidance and course correction on the road to world class support. If you often ask ‘How does AirBNB/Etsy/etc. handle this problem?’ This is for you.