I spent the weekend finishing an intro to UNIX book for people with a Mac, reading about Shackleton’s Escape from the Antarctic. Then I studied Drupal, an open source community management system. (totally amazed by how much you can do with it).

In 2 days I already setup the most basic entry to let me record booknotes. Most all of this is because off all the things you can do with Drupal by adding the right modules onto it.

As a side benefit of learning these technologies, lots of pieces have fallen into place on my understanding the technology behind Flickr. In learning a little of the Drupal system and interface there are some php and MySQL mentions. Seeing what that does somehow gives me a better understanding of what happens when the pages load on Flickr. It also helps me understand a little more of what the engineers are talking about. Not that I will understand that much of it. But it takes some of the mystery out which is nice.