Web Development

Full stack developer with experience in JavaScript, React, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and node.js. I’m very curious and am always trying new things.

For freelance clients I create responsive, mobile-first web sites with a focus on clean code and great usability. I’m currently accepting client work so if you’re looking for a Web Developer, let’s chat.


Graph blood glucose data using D3.js

As part of a hybrid iPhone app for Databetes Inc. currently in beta, I took data imported from Apple Health and graphed it to create a yearly overview for diabetes patients.

Brooklyn Museum ASK app Dashboard

Brooklyn Museum ASK app dashboard

Added features and tests to a chat app built in-house at the Brooklyn Museum.

  • Angular.js
  • TDD
  • iBeacons
  • Worked on the front-end and API
  • Swagger documentation

More info on the Brooklyn Museum Tech blog.

Brooklyn Museum website update

Brooklyn Museum Homepage

Lead developer on this project to update the Brooklyn Museum website.

  • Responsive and mobile first
  • Setup Expression Engine CMS
  • Created both user and developer guides
  • Regular communication with Editorial team to ensure the user experience is tailored to their needs
  • LESS
  • Grunt

URL: brooklynmuseum.org

New backend for Brooklyn Museum API

Brooklyn Museum API screenshot

Worked on the team redesigning the API and writing a completely new backend.

  • PHP
  • TDD
  • Swagger documentation

Image Recognition project for Brooklyn Museum

Compares visitor images to official museum object images to find a match and facilitate conversations in the Brooklyn Museum ASK app.

  • Setup and trained Pastec Image Recognition package
  • Integrated results into the Angular.js dashboard

Read more on the Brooklyn Museum blog.

zack.pizza React app and Slack controller

zack.pizza screenshot

To have a little fun with my .pizza domain I made a React app powered by the WordPress REST API.

  • React app
  • zack.io has a ‘Pizza’ custom post type that powers zack.pizza
  • Homemade pizza made of hot and fresh CSS.

URL: zack.pizza

Tim Woodward blog

woodwardblog screenshot
  • Responsive and mobile first
  • The content is all text so I focused on a great reading experience
  • Site owner is a first time WordPress user so also delivered a user guide on hand off
  • Provide ongoing site maintenance

URL: woodwardblog.com

Nevada Historical Markers

Nevada Historical Markers home page screenshot

Map of all Nevada historical markers. There wasn’t one source of good information so I took data from two different sources to create a single data set.

  • MapBox for the maps
  • Bootstrap for styling
  • Responsive
  • Ruby on Rails

URL: nevada-historical-markers.herokuapp.com

Michael Clay business website

michaelclay screenshot

Responsive and mobile first WordPress site for construction company.

A challenge with this project was that the company had almost no photos that were web ready so we reworked the text they started with to match the photos and highlight their company values.

URL: michaelclay.com